Centre de suport Import


With the Import from Instagram feature, you can seamlessly transfer your photos, captions, and even hashtags from your Instagram account to Pixelfed, ensuring a smooth transition without losing your cherished memories or creative expressions.

How to get your export data from Instagram:

  1. Follow the Instagram instructions on Downloading a copy of your data on Instagram on this page. Make sure you select the JSON format
  2. Wait for the email from Instagram with your download link
  3. Download your .zip export from Instagram
  4. Navigate to the Import settings page
  5. Follow the instructions and import your posts 🥳

Import Limits

Max Posts

The maximum imported posts allowed


Max Attempts

The maximum import attempts allowed
(counted as total imports grouped by day)


Video Imports

The server supports importing video posts

Import Permissions

Who is allowed to use the Import feature

Only Admins

Only admin accounts can import

Only Admins + Following

Only admin accounts, or accounts they follow, can import

Minimum Account Age

Only accounts with a minimum age in days can import


Minimum Follower Count

Only accounts with a minimum follower count can import